Introductory Session - 30 Minutes
- Individual coaching session via video or phone. You may choose a 30-minute Introductory Session for $35.00 for your first session only.
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Choose individual "video or phone session"  for coaching only. In session, we discuss your needs and verbally develop a plan for you to use in daily life. You are able to schedule only one session at a time. Choosing the Full Fee option allows us to offer a Half Fee option to those who are challenged financially. Thank you.
The "Supervisory Consultation" option is for Supervisors who want to discuss the issues of their employee via video or phone. We discuss needs and concerns and how to approach resolving them.
The "Supervisor Referred" option should be chosen if you are an employee who has been sent to a session by  your employer. Don't choose this option unless I have verified that I have discussed it with your Supervisor first. They will let you know when to schedule a session here.
"Introductory Session" can be chosen for your first session only (Do not use if you are a Supervisor wanting to discuss an employee or a Supervisor Referred Employee). It is a 30-minute session to discuss your needs and how we might be able to work together via future Individual Sessions.
If a report is needed, let me know in the first session so we can discuss the scope and limitations of detail available. The report writing fee is $45.00.
Please bear in mind that having a session does not mean that further sessions will be held. We mutually decide that another session is needed or not, at the end of each session.
Thank you.
Rich Panther, LCSW
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