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    IMAGINE your life made HAPPIER. Happiness skills can be learned.


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  • Happiness is the Mission

    You are the Hero

    As a behavioral health therapist, I came to realize that people want more than just to resolve the problems we discuss.


    They want to be happy. We all do.


    I decided to make Happiness the focus of my work.


    My contribution is to help you grow into your best self, so you can "be the change you want to see in the world".


    If you have ever been confused or uncertain about how to feel better, join me in the mission of growing your personal happiness.


    Together, we grow the foundation of happiness for the world. One person at a time.

    - C. Rich Panther, LCSW

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    What are your policies?

    Rich Panther.com is a wholly owned business entity of Insight Associates, LLC. By working with us you agree to accept the following: Happiness Coaching is not health care and therefore cannot be considered a substitute for health care; to understand that we will make a referral to another resource for you if we feel we are not the best fit for your needs; to understand that no guarantee of outcomes can be made from use of our services; you understand that you will be billed for any scheduled session that is not kept and is not cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time; that you may cancel a scheduled appointment at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment time without any fee; you understand that we will discontinue sessions for non-payment of fees; you agree to resolve any conflicts via a binding arbitration process. See a complete list of policies in a downloadable PDF here.

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    Other work I do


    I am clinically licensed in North Carolina as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I provide Psychotherapy sessions to North Carolina residents via encrypted video chat.


    Our focus is on achieving goals in the areas of personal growth and overcoming obstacles to help you live your best life. Psychotherapy is for adult North Carolina residents only.

    Employee Performance Coach/ Management Consultant

    Does your employee need help with performance? Do you need help working with your employee? I provide on-demand employee consulting services online to employers.


    Employee and supervisor consultations focus on personal performance improvement in the workplace. Schedule a session for your employee as part of their performance improvement plan.


    And sometimes you, as a Supervisor, just need to vent about your job. Caring for yourself is a part of the job too. Email me.

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