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    IMAGINE your life made HAPPIER.


    Join me for online courses and video coaching sessions to grow your happiness.

  • Happiness is the Mission

    You are the Hero

    As a behavioral health therapist, I came to realize that people want more than to resolve the problems we discuss.


    They ultimately want to be happy.


    I believe the problems of the world can only be effectively fixed by happy people.


    My contribution is to help you grow your happiness so you can "be the change you want to see in the world".


    If you have ever been confused or doubtful or uncertain about your purpose, I hope you will join me in the mission of growing your personal happiness.


    Together, we grow the foundation of happiness for the world, one person at a time.

  • Things I Do


    We work together to GROW YOUR HAPPINESS and overcome personal obstacles. Coaching and Psychotherapy are provided via online video.


    Information is at the core of a happiness transformation. Online courses and webinars are convenient ways to provide information for your personal growth.


    I contract with organizations on projects in such areas as Education, Personnel Issues, Business Development and Community Development. Want help with your project? Lets talk.

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  • Current Projects & Affiliations

    Cherokee Path for Professionals - Management Certificate Program

    Contracted Program Coordinator

    I work with local non-profit organizations to provide management education to our community. The goal is to grow the management capabilities of our community members to maximize their performance at work.

    N.C. Online Therapy Center - Visit Here

    Psychotherapist/ Coach

    I am clinically licensed in North Carolina as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I provide Coaching and Psychotherapy services to North Carolina residents via online sessions. Our focus is on achieving goals in the areas of personal growth and overcoming obstacles. Psychotherapy = NC only. Coaching = Anywhere.

    Native Solutions Personnel Consulting - Online Services

    Employee Performance Coach/ Consultant

    Does your employee need help with performance? Do you need help yourself? I provide on-demand employee consulting services online to employers. Employee and supervisor consultations focus on personal

    performance improvement in the workplace. And sometimes you just need to vent about your job.

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